Anubias ‘petite’: creating an underwater nano terrarium

Lately I've been bitten by the terrarium bug and looking to build one as a companion to my 60l planted tank. While terrariums with ferns and cacti can be pretty and relatively easy to care for, they are a contained micro-environment and still need some ...
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Doomsday Currency: Snap Bullion™ Silver Bars

Let's face it - WW3, the zombie apocalypse, end-of-the-world rumors are closer than we think. In a world without a government, economy, law or electricity, it's back to basics and roughing it out as nomads/scavengers. Those prepping for doomsday will tell you that the currency ...
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Antiqued Copper Opinel No4 Pocket Knife

Opinel pocket knives are one of the most popular and sheeple-friendly pocket knives available. The signature Opinel wooden handle may be appeal to some, but knives with slim handles are always practical given their comfort in the pocket. Knifemaker Ross Tyler modded the No7 carbon ...
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J.Crew Harwick Messenger Bag

J.Crew's Harwick messenger bag caught my eye recently. I've been a fan of J.Crew since coming across their site a couple of years ago. From shirts to formal wear to shoes and other accessories, this is my go-to store when looking for a wardrobe staple ...
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Visconti Van Gogh Fountain Pen Pollard Willows (Photo Pinterest)

Visconti van Gogh Pollard Willows Fountain Pen

The Visconti van Gogh series is inspired by the paintings of one of the world's most well-known painters, Vincent van Gogh. This particular pen takes after his Pollard Willows painting, with a unique mix of brown, green, white and yellow tones. Viewed from different angles, ...
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Iced Out Patek Philippe Nautilus with diamonds (Photo pristine_jewelers_ - Instagram)

“Iced-out” Patek Philippe Nautilus

The Patek Philippe Nautilus is one of the most iconic PP watches around, originally based on the universal shape of a ship's porthole. Designed as a sporty and casual watch, the Nautilus is available in a variety of options, from the simple automatic hand to ...
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Alden Snuff Suede Chukkas (Photo marvaments - Instagram)

Suede, the Most Versatile Shoe

Suede is one of the most comfortable shoe materials and perhaps the most versatile one that one can own. Suede leather is made from the underside of animal skin and has a napped or furry finish to it. For this reason, it falls in between ...
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Sunset at the Razorback-Great Ocean Road, Victoria (Photo jl_captures)

Sunset at The Razorback (Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia)

Australia's Great Ocean Road is among the world's best scenic coastal drives. Located 275 km (171 mi) West of Melbourne, the 12 Apostles is the most renowned attraction, best featured at sunset and indeed the highlight of the journey. The 12 Apostles are actually a ...
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Gold maple leafs and silver coins bar - Photo adrianbartel_Flickr

Fractional or 1 oz Gold Coins: Which to buy?

Gold coins come in a range of sizes, from 1/20 oz to 2 oz and beyond. Buyers often face the same dilemma – should I get a few small gold coins or save up for a nice big one instead? We’ll look at some of ...
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Bullet: The World’s Smallest Keychain Flashlight

Having a light source is an essential part of any everyday carry (EDC) checklist. True that modern phones have a flashlight function within them, but in an emergency, you'll need something that can be able to withstand water immersion. Most flashlights are too bulky to ...
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