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  • Silver
  • Doomsday Currency: Snap Bullion™ Silver Bars

    Let’s face it – WW3, the zombie apocalypse, end-of-the-world rumors are closer than we think. In a world without a government, economy, law or electricity, it’s back to basics and roughing it out as nomads/scavengers. Those prepping for doomsday will tell you that the currency of choice would be gold & silver, which has never lost its value throughout all of mankind’s history.

  • Bags
  • J.Crew Harwick Messenger Bag

    J.Crew’s Harwick messenger bag caught my eye recently. I’ve been a fan of J.Crew since coming across their site a couple of years ago. From shirts to formal wear to shoes and other accessories, this is my go-to store when looking for a wardrobe staple or simple yet fashionable wear. J.Crew’s accessories don’t really get […]